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الأساس - Building Blocks

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Concepts & topics that every learner of Arabic will come across. Developing a sound understanding of these concepts is inevitable for anyone interested in attaining higher levels of proficiency in the Arabic language. This course will guide beginners with clear & concise explanations and help advanced learners review their skills and deepen their understanding.


Script & Sounds

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A novice-level listening course for learners of Arabic. The activities featured in this course focus on the individual sounds of the Arabic alphabet, as well as sounds which appear similar to newcomers of Arabic, but are very distinct to speakers of the language. These activities help learners develop sensitivity in identifying sounds and matching the spoken word to the written text and individual sounds to corresponding letters. Sound discrimination drills, pronunciation practice and dictation assignments are included as well.


الصرف...جَـوْهر العربية

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One of the unique features of Arabic morphology is its underlying character of tying form to function. Being true to its nature as a plain and straightforward language, Arabic verbs can be easily categorized and grouped together, by paying attention to its form and pattern. This pattern will, in turn, assist the leaner in grasping the general meaning of the verb. Tying form to function - that is what الأوزان الصرفية are all about! Once the form, or pattern, of a group of words has been recognized by a foreign learner of Arabic, they will begin to grasp the meaning that is represented by that form and understand the meaning of that pattern which is common to all words that share that same pattern. The lessons and exercises which have been designed for this entry-level module introduce students to the meanings of certain words, especially VERBS, through form recognition.

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